News Update

News Update

We’ve Bounced Back! We are excited to formally announce that the San Diego courts are now open and we are completely caught up from delays caused by COVID-19. We are once again returning hit results within 1-2 business days. 

We recently rejoined PBSA.

We are very excited to be members of PBSA again.  We look forward to learning all we can and strive to become a contributing member of PBSA.  We also look forward to attending PBSA conferences for both the educational and social...

Fresh New Look and Website

We believe that people and the human experience are at the heart of this industry. We also believe that the driving force of this industry is information.  Finally, we believe that the bridge that connects the two is technology.  To be a...

We Are Now Nationwide

San Diego is and will always be our specialty. But, we are delighted to now be able to provide nationwide criminal and civil research services. After months of laying a solid foundation, we are excited to share that we are now partnered with the best researchers...

California Courts Resumes Services

SAN DIEGO (CN) — After being closed for 10 weeks while courts up and down California worked to remain open during the Covid-19 pandemic, San Diego Superior Court officials announced Wednesday the court will resume services after Memorial Day. Learn More

California Courts During Covid-19

(CN) — A wholly reasonable request during normal times, Carlos Tavares is pushing for the right to walk into the shiny new $556 million downtown San Diego courthouse and file the lawsuits piling up and gathering dust on his desk. Learn More