Fees And Information

“Our Success is Interwoven with your Satisfaction “

Background employment screeners of every size and volume trust File Finders to be their number one resource for public record information. Our in-house staff of expert research specialists enables us to be adaptable, scalable and flexible at a moment’s notice. Our long time industry longevity means you can feel confidant that we will be there when you need us. Whether you are looking for a dedicated research partner or a reliable backup solution for unforeseen business issues such as special projects, volume spikes, or employee leave, you can count on us to meet your needs and exceed all expectations.

$2.50- $5.00/name.
(New Clients receive FREE alias names first 6 months when aliases requested as part of primary request)
Same Day Turnaround

Charged on a per case basis. (1-2 day turnaround for record information)

Charged by the file or charged by the hour based on project scope and file location. 

Please call for custom pricing 

Please note: Specific fees are based on factors such as volume, search specifications, scope and delivery method.  High volume requesters may qualify for a discount. For a custom proposal please contact us.