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Fees and Information

Our Services

Fees and Information

Our Success is Interwoven with your Satisfaction “

Background employment screeners of every size and volume trust File Finders to be their number one resource for public record information. Our in-house staff of expert research specialists enables us to be adaptable, scalable and flexible at a moment’s notice. Our long time industry longevity means you can feel confidant that we will be there when you need us. Whether you are looking for a dedicated research partner or a reliable backup solution for unforeseen business issues such as special projects, volume spikes, or employee leave, you can count on us to meet your needs and exceed all expectations.

Criminal Record Research
$2.50- $5.00/name.
(New Clients receive FREE alias names first 6 months when aliases requested as part of primary request)
Civil Record Research
Same Day Turnaround
Prescreened Case Research

Charged on a per case basis. (1-2 day turnaround for record information)

Document Retrieval

Charged by the file or charged by the hour based on project scope and file location. 

Family Court & County Recorder (Official Records) Research

Please call for custom pricing 

Please note: Specific fees are based on factors such as volume, search specifications, scope and delivery method.  High volume requesters may qualify for a discount. For a custom proposal please contact us.

Amazing Service

“I think service and quality has been great and we have been receiving consistent service over the years.”

Dedication to The Highest Quality of Work

"Per usual, we had another fantastic month for both quality and TAT. Your dedication to providing the highest quality work to our clients is much appreciated and does not go unnoticed."

Thank You!!

“I cannot say enough positive things about the experience we have had working with File Finders over the past couple of years. Their industry knowledge and expertise in the San Diego area shines through their stellar work-product. The work performed by Kim and her team is always of the highest quality while also providing excellent turn-around times. I would, and do, recommend them to anyone looking for a solution in what can sometimes prove to be a difficult area to perform court records checks. In this industry, it truly pays to have to have an expert team on your side, and File Finders is just that!” 

Fast and Reliable Turnaround

"I appreciate the fact that File Finders provides us with fast and reliable turnaround times and accurate results. The customer support we receive is responsive and friendly as well. I also appreciate the fact that File Finders does not need to be micro-managed as can be the case with other vendors when you push a lot of volume like we do. File Finders has been our primary vendor of choice for many years now for these reasons and more. They do not disappoint."

Prompt and Professional Research

"We’ve worked with File Finders for over 10 year and couldn’t be happier. They provide prompt and professional research, know their jurisdictional nuances intimately, and help us manage client expectation with proactive and reliable ETAs when there are delays. Their customer service is top notch and everyone operates with integrity, honesty and an eye toward accurate and thorough reporting."

reliable, accurate and prompt

"Our team began working with File Finders in 2007.  We have found them to be reliable, accurate and prompt.  One of the things I most appreciate about Kim is her knowledge of the court system and willingness to communicate the specific details of the search process with us.  This has allowed us to be able to fill in the gaps many times with our own clients when it comes to delays, errors, etc.  We look forward to many continued years with their team."