File Finders Client Information Form


    Primary Principal(s) of Company:

    Primary Contact Info For Criminal and/or Civil Processing (Type "Same" if same as above)

    Accounts Payable Contacts: (Type “Same” if same as Primary Principal(s) above)

    Prescreened Names:Unless your company requests prescreened names exclusively, we respectfully request that any
    prescreened or pre-indexed search requests submitted to us: 1) are clearly marked as such, that we may distinguish them
    from regular search requests and bill them at the appropriate rate; 2) include case numbers found through the prescreen or
    pre-indexing process.

    I (we) certify that the above information is true and correct, and that I (we) can and will comply with your terms. I (we) hereby
    authorize you or your agent to investigate the references or other data furnished by me or by any other person regarding my
    credit responsibility if this application if accepted.

    [signature* signature-704 color:#000000 backcolor:#dddddd width:300