File Finders, established in 1995, is a San Diego-based public record research company that specializes in simplifying the complexities of navigating San Diego’s clerk-driven court system. We utilize proprietary automated processes and in-person court research to deliver accurate, thorough, and quick results.

We are client-focused and quality driven. Our in-house staff of researchers and processers are thoroughly trained, highly skilled, and carefully screened to ensure we deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction and quality of service possible. 

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When the San Diego Court removed DOBs from the criminal index, the court quickly became inundated with name and DOB search requests. The strain placed on the clerks inevitably resulted in backlogs, delays, and increased exposure to missed records.

Our automated search tool, In-Quest, has alleviated these issues by eliminating the need for clerk-assisted name and DOB searches.

In-Quest conducts standard, multi-configuration, and extended scope name and DOB searches. Our automated system is designed to account for specific nuances commonly found in the court’s index. Consequently, we regularly uncover and return records that would have otherwise been missed with a literal search. Our results are highly accurate, thorough, and fast.

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While criminal records research is our hallmark service,
we provide a full range of public record research services.

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Through an extensive network of vetted research partners, we provide Criminal and Civil research services in most CA counties as well as several other counties throughout the USA. Please inquire for more information.


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