What Qualities CRA’s Should Look for in a Wholesale Employment Screening Provider

According to a report by NAPBS, 96 percent of employers conduct more than one type of employment screening to make informed decisions during the hiring process. Of this, 94 percent of employers include criminal history as part of their background check process.

Criminal history checks are critical when it comes to background screening for employment. With so much pegged on the findings of these checks, it’s easy to understand why background screening companies have such high demands from their wholesale screening providers.

In this article, we will list three critical service characteristics that CRA’s and employment background screening companies should demand from a wholesale screening partner. 

1. Accuracy 

When it comes to employment screening, accuracy is paramount as employee hiring and retention largely depends on the findings. The accuracy of the background check report can potentially impact the security and productivity of a given workplace. Errors, gaps, or defects in a background check can be costly and possibly cause damage through lawsuits. This is why reports must be very accurate.  

The process of obtaining criminal records is not easy and can be draining for CRAs, and this is where File Finders comes in. To ensure you’re getting accurate data, File Finders has a robust quality program to include:

  • On-Site Research Experts
  • A thorough training program to eliminate errors
  • Data directly from US Courts
  • Metrics-based management
  • Experience – File Finders has over 25 years of screening experience

2. Meaningful Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

A report by NAPBS shows that one challenge that employers face regarding background check firmsis the time it takes to get results. Every day that passes without filling a position costs employers money and risks losing the best candidate. 

Variations in ETAs are to be expected when it comes to criminal records searches. However, your wholesale background screening provider should give you realistic, accurate, and timely data based on real-world experiences.

These turnaround times should be practical, rather than based on hope. Your wholesale provider should also have realistic ETAs. If the retail employment background check firm knows it will take four days to get results rather than one, they can then inform the end user and the applicant for transparency. 

A wholesale background check company should be able to explain the reason for the timeframe to avoid frustrations that come with waiting for an unknown or unexplained timeline.  

At File Finders, the average turnaround time is one to four business hours for Clear results and one to two business days for record information. As a value-added service, alias names uncovered during the research process are searched at no additional cost. 

3. Transparency or Trust 

One crucial aspect that CRAs need from their wholesale screening provider is transparency. What does this mean? Transparency means having a wholesaler that is willing to be open about their processes, workloads, and metrics. This ensures that the CRA clients can see how certain services or specific timelines will impact their businesses.

Transparency between wholesale screeningproviders and CRAs can result in fewer or eliminate altogether any possible misunderstandings, which will ensure greater efficiency and an excellent customer experience. You can manage your business and clients better while keeping your wholesale provider accountable. After all, a wholesaler that opens up about their processes, turnaround time, and metrics to a client’s view will be held responsible for the said metrics. 

File Finders mission is to conduct diligent public record research, return meticulous results and provide excellent client support.  This is all done with a sense of urgency so that our clients can deliver the best in class screening and risk mitigation services to their clients. Our clients have full transparency in our process and count on us to deliver day after day.

All Wholesale Screening Providers Are Not Equal

Given the critical roleemployment screeningplays in all organizations, screening companies should thoroughly research and vet the many wholesale providers before making a decision.

When researching, consider factors such as transparency, quality, turnaround times, and the scope of data they can provide. It is also essential to consider their pricing plus customer services.

At File Finders, we do not compromise on quality. Our CRA clients expect quality and accurate research anytime they partner with us, and this is what we deliver. With over 25 years’ experience in the wholesale background screening industry, we are known for service excellence, fast turn-around and accurate data.  We have quickly become the number one choice of employment, tenant, PI and screening professionals alike.