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Our mission is to conduct diligent public record research, return meticulous results and provide excellent client support all with a sense of urgency and speed so that our clients can deliver the best in class screening and risk mitigation services to their clients.

Established in 1995, by Kimberly and Joseph Tamayo, File Finders was quickly recognized by industry peers as one of the best full-service exclusively wholesale background screening solutions in San Diego County.  Known for their service excellence, fast turn-around and accurate data, they have become the number one choice of employment, tenant, private investigators, attorneys, legal support firms and screening professionals alike. All information is 100% direct sourced, meaning all information comes directly from the court or official repository; databases are not used.

Criminal research is our most popular and requested service. As a high-volume processor of San Diego criminal research and document retrieval, we partner with some of the most respected and discerning screeners and risk mitigation specialists across the nation.  We combine proprietary automated real-time search technology (IN-QUEST) and hands-on research to deliver comprehensive, detailed results that are unmatched in thoroughness, accuracy, and reliability.







File Finders offers advanced direct-sourced screening solutions that blend traditional research methods with proprietary innovative technologies. As a wholesale information provider, we service CRAs, Data Brokers, Private Investigators, Attorneys, Attorney Services, among others. We employ an in-house team of vetted and skilled research professionals which allows us to directly control and set the standard for accuracy, result integrity, information security, turnaround time, client support, and price. 



File Finders employs a diverse team of exclusively wholesale screening professionals from every walk of life. Every team member is valued and celebrated for their unique talents and abilities. Our diverse and accepting company culture encourages our team members to use their talents to make File Finders a strong and progressive company. This directly translates to an eagerness to provide the best client experience possible.