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Criminal Record Research
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San Diego, CA is the second largest county in California. As so, it boasts a substantial criminal court system that relies on manual record-keeping and court research. On the surface, it may appear straightforward, but a closer look reveals its intricate nature. Navigating this system is a time-consuming and complex task that demands skill, strategy, and a profound understanding of its workings. At File Finders, we have mastered this art, enabling us to efficiently and cost-effectively maneuver through the complexities of San Diego’s court system.
Felony and Misdemeanor
This direct sourced search combines intelligent automation and/or skilled hands-on research to conduct a realtime comprehensive search at the county level. Turnaround time (TAT) in San Diego and other direct service areas is on average 2-8 business hours for clears and one day to two business days for record information. The TAT for jurisdictions serviced by our network of court researches is on average 1-3 days. Search fees depend on volume, reporting methodology, and expected hit ratio, so please contact us for a current price.
  • Multiple county-courts visited each day
  • Standard scope is 7 or 10 years
  • Order tracking provides prompt and accurate order statuses
  • Quality is built into every step of our research process

Certified or non-certified document retrieval is available from all four court locations. If you require case copies as part of your reporting requirements, or to resolve an audit or dispute we can quickly obtain them.

We can customize our background screening solutions to meet your individual needs. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.