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For the areas that we directly service, our researchers are employees of File Finders. In the other areas we service, we partner with local or third-party researchers. In all cases we screen, vet and regularly test our researchers.

While So- Cal- specifically San Diego, is our specialty area, we do provide criminal research nationwide. We have partnered with the best researchers throughout the country which allow us provide nationwide service at very competitive rates. If you are looking to consolidate your vendor pool, we most certainly can help you out.

If a file is physically at the court, no, a fee is not imposed. However, if a file has to be order from storage, there is a non-refundable court imposed fee of $19/file. This fee could change without notice by the court.

Yes, we do. Please contact us directly to discuss possible discounts.

Our preferred method of payments is via Direct Deposit or ACH payments utilizing our “Pay Now” feature on our invoice. However, upon credit approval, we will gladly accept checks.

We bill most clients bi-weekly with net 15 terms. Occasionally, we offer companies with excellent payment histories monthly and/or net 30 billing terms.

There are no monthly minimum requirements to have an account with us. All you need to do to get started is establish an account, which takes 1-3 days. Thereafter, you simply pay for what you order.

QA processes are built into every step of the research process. Many QA processes are automated as to reduce human error. Other non-automated QA processes are done utilizing a team of two-three QA specialists for each request.

We efficiently service clients of every volume level, including occasional requesters and clients with a high daily average.