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IN-QUEST Addresses the Everyday Challenges of Background Research


If you have knowledge of San Diego’s court system, you know from first appearances it looks very easy and straightforward to do. You also know that to do a proper search, it is anything but straightforward at all. The index is quirky, incomplete and error-prone. The court’s case management system is often incomplete and riddled with errors and files are frequently misplaced or unavailable for viewing. When conducting research, the slightest variation from how a name is searched versus how the court has entered it into the system could yield a false or missed result. That could be disastrous for you and your client.


We took our profound knowledge of court research and designed a technology-packed research platform that is designed to address prevalent issues that plague San Diego court research.  Furthermore, by integrating with most major platforms, we are able to seamlessly receive and return results to other integrated partners. As a result of the automation we have in place, deploy, and continue to develop we have a positive track record of providing exceptionally accurate results and for uncovering records that would otherwise have been missed by other providers. When you become a client of FIle Finders, as a value-added service, if a non-disclosed AKA name is uncovered during the research process, it is automatically searched FREE of charge. 

Client Web Based Systems

Many of our customers have web-based systems of their own. For clients that have proprietary platforms and would like to integrate with us, custom integrations may be possible. If integration isn’t possible or desired, we consistently and frequently pull new requests from and directly enter results into their website. Our constant “sweep” of client systems means that requests never sit very long before being processed and results returned.

Our Integration Partners